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Joan Hornig and Carolyn Wright-Lewis

Host Exclusive Fundraiser for Jenesse Center, Inc.



For the dozens of women who attended Joan Hornig’s fundraiser benefiting Jenesse Center Inc., a Los Angeles based domestic violence prevention and intervention program, it must have felt like they had been transported to a fashionista’s wonderland. Hosted on February 29th, on the top floor of an exclusive boutique on Melrose Place, the room set like a vintage jewelry box coming to life.


Hornig is known in the world of philanthropy for hosting intimate gatherings, selling her jewelry to a distinct group and donating 100 percent of the proceeds to charity. When her dear friend and fellow philanthropist Carolyn Wright-Lewis shared with her the amazing work that Jenesse Center has done over the past 30 years for women, children and families overcoming domestic violence, she immediately knew that she wanted to help.


Jenesse Center is a national non-profit domestic violence intervention and prevention organization that provides a holistic, comprehensive program to nurture victimized families back to a place of mental, financial, physical and emotional well-being.


A charity that is well known by philanthropists of all ages, Wright-Lewis heard about Jenesse Center from her daughter Haydn, who learned about the Center from her close friend Tamara Houston. Long time advocates for social change, the women have long understood the importance of reaching out and building a strong network of support and compassion to facilitate change.



Hornig’s fundraiser drew a who’s who gathering of women with hearts for making a difference. Hornig joked with her guests chuckling, “Thank you for helping me spend my money.” The attendees were determined to shop and shop, until a significant contribution had been raised.


“This event is really symbolic of what women can do when we come together,” said Karen Earl, Executive Director of Jenesse Center. She added,“Jenesse was founded by five women who came together to make a difference in their community. Now look how that has grown. We’ve come from all over to ring that doorbell down stairs to come up here and help change people’s lives.”


And the doorbell kept ringing --- ushering in longtime supporters and new supporters alike, such as Tamara Houston, Phoebe Beasley, Kynderly Haskins, Dale Cochran, Betty Dixon, Karen Hudson, Jackie Avant, Dr. Carol Black, Janine Sherman Barrios, Haydn Wright, K.C. Miller, and Dr. Joy Simmons.


Jenesse Center Board President Avis Frazier-Thomas marveled at the generous spirit of the guests. She said, “It is very rare that you find people like Carolyn and Joan who have such generous hearts and who give to others without any expectations. We are grateful and honored to merit their support,” Frazier-Thomas said.


Earl agreed. “Jenesse is still very much a grass roots organization in that we understand the importance of engaging other people and organizations who believe in what we are doing,” said Earl. “Together, we are powerful.”