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California Health Report: A Safe Haven in South Los Angeles


Five women founded Jenesse Center in 1980 to address this deadly chasm. Each had been scarred by her personal experience of domestic violence, and together they sought to uplift other victims by providing such essentials as food, diapers and clothing. But incoming calls to their crisis hotline revealed that the most pressing need was for emergency shelter.


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Century City Lawyer : “We will not be beaten.”

Adrienne Lamar & Don Stephenson, Jenesse Center, Inc.


In the 1970’s these words became the rallying cry of women across the country as they initiated a grassroots organizing effort to end domestic violence, improve the lives of its victims, and transform public consciousness. A common belief within the movement was that women faced brutality from their husbands and, just as importantly, indifference from social institutions.


For more than 30 years, Jenesse Center, Inc. has provided the understanding needed to address domestic violence and the cultural norms and behaviors that too often silence the response in underserved communities. It was 32 years ago that Jenesse Center was conceptualized by five courageous African American women who identified a need within their community to provide culturally sensitive services to help women in crisis.


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Jenesse profiled in USC’S new Intersection On-line Magazine


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