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When Lin, 21, entered Jenesse Center's Transitional Housing Site
she and her two children, Amber and Erik, were in need of a haven in which they could feel safe. The family was suffering a great deal of emotional trauma as a result of their ordeal and Jenesse Center facilitated both family and individual weekly counseling sessions that helped them bond as a family and allowed Lin to let go of her fears and take charge of her own life.


Survivor Update
Lin enrolled in a local junior college and was able to get her children into day care so that she could work and go to school. She worked with her case manager to find permanent, affordable housing with the Los Angeles Housing Authority and she now has her own apartment that is minutes away from both her college and her childrenís daycare. Now a drop-in client, Maria continues to utilize the life saving services and programs that Jenesse Center offers as she continues to be empowered and self-sufficient.



Tonya, 26, and her son Tyrell entered Jenesse Center, Inc.'s Transitional Housing in need of counseling and legal services. Tonya was in the middle of a bitter custody fight with her abusive boyfriend and fighting off creditors due to her boyfriend using her name to purchase goods and services. Tonya also had no medical insurance for her son Tyrell, who is partly deaf, and her lack of education and resources, along with her ex-boyfriend's tendency to stalk her at work, made it next to impossible for her to find employment.


Survivor Update
Jenesse Center immediately went to work, referring Tonya to a hospital that would treat her son, putting the family in counseling, and referring her case to our in-house Legal Department. Jenesse's on-staff lawyer assisted her in procuring a restraining order against her ex; got involved in her custody dispute, escorting Tanya during her court dates; and helped her with her creditors.


Jenesse Center worked with Wal-Mart to get Tonya a job and she was quickly promoted to manager of her department. Jenesse Center also opened up a dialogue with Wal-Mart management to educate them and their employees on how to handle incidents of domestic violence in the workplace. Soon after winning custody of her son, Tonya found her own apartment and through a referral from Jenesse Center was able to obtain three months free rent through a family preservation service, as well as a stove and a refrigerator. She has exited the program, but still participates in Jenesse Center's programs and services as a Drop-in client.



Amy, 41, had been mentally and physically abused by her boy friend for six years. She caught the bus to the shelter from Bakersfield and upon entering the shelter she was soon diagnosed by one of Jenesse Center's on-site medical professionals as suffering from bi-polar disorder.


Survivor Update
Jenesse Center immediately referred Amy to a hospital that supplied her with affordable medicine and helped her understand her condition. She was also referred to West Central Mental Hospital for weekly counseling sessions. Jenesse Center also enrolled Amy in their mental health and anger management classes and she soon felt strong enough to live on her own and was confident that she could be self-sufficient and live a normal life. She was awarded a Section 8 voucher through the Los Angeles Housing Authority and found permanent housing. She still receives counseling and medical referrals from Jenesse Center.



**Names and certain events have been changed to protect the client's identity.

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