Jenesse Center’s 40-hour Domestic Training sessions are held to
educate community members about the various aspects of domestic violence and how it affects its victims, families and the community. Click here to register online. For additional information about the training, please e-mail




Stop the Hurting is an Employment and Workplace Action Plan that works in partnership with South Los Angeles area businesses to bring awareness to employers about the impact of domestic violence on employee attendance and job performance.




Be So You
BeSo You! teaches youth how to have healthy relationships. A four-to-ten week program, BeSo You! is held at school and youth organizations and focuses on how teens and tweens can break the cycle of abuse in their own lives. Visit the BeSo You! Blog.

Jenesse Center understands that the church is an integral part of ending the cycle of abuse in the community. Through Jenesse Center’s Outreach Program, people of faith are taught that domestic violence is a community issue.



For more information, call (323) 299-9496, or email us at