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Hope Angels Giving Circle
Please consider joining Jenesse Center’s Giving Circle with a pledge to donate monthly. As a Hope Angel, Jenesse Center will automatically process your donation each month and as a small token of our appreciation, we will send you a thank you gift based on your level of contribution.




One-Time Donation
Jenesse Center generally serves over 2,500 clients a year. When you become a Day in the Life sponsor, making a one-time donation, you become a partner in providing life saving services. Jenesse Center is much more than a safe place to live; it provides educational programs and services that transform the lives of families seeking to live in peace. Please give with Power!

Sponsor “A Day in the Life” which will help to provide the following programs/services:

$25       Supplies for an art therapy workshop for children

$50       School supplies and books for a transitional shelter family

$75       A day’s lunch for children at Jenesse’s childcare facility

$100     Transportation services for shelter clients for a week

$250     Linen, towels and personal essentials for a family of four

$500     Domestic violence education and legal services per client/per day

$1,000  Meals for a week for emergency shelter families

$1,500  Empowerment/enrichment counseling to clients for a week

$5,000  Transitional housing annual expenses per family

Other  ____________   Imagine the possibilities!



Halle Berry's "What A Little Love Can Do" Project
Please consider joining Halle Berry in her goal to completely remodel one of Jenesse Center's transitional housing shelters. It is Ms. Berry's belief that the spirits of many battered women have been so broken that they can only DREAM of living independently in a safe, warm and beautiful space free of the horrors of the past.


This project will allow families to live in an apartment that are designed with love and attention to detail that is reflective of modern day living. This project gives families an amazing opportunity to begin to live a reality that is possible and most importantly, begin to dream the dream for themselves.



Gift Gathering
The Jenesse Center Gift Gathering receptions are networking events to learn about Jenesse Center programs to donate funds and gift items which are auctioned through a variety of unique settings.


A gift to the Auction comes in many forms: Monetary Donation, Item Donation, Sponsorship, Advertising Purchase, Raffle Ticket Purchase or all of the above!





Thank You to Jenesse Angel, Larry Miller, CEO, Sit ‘n’ Sleep. This project was created to inspire parents to read to their children. Mr. Miller believes that reading opens up a new, exciting world of adventure for children and is a way to bring families together, creating memories as each new adventure begins.

50% of all proceeds from the While Ana Sleeps book will be donated to Jenesse Center, Inc. to help survivors of domestic violence. Learn more about Jenesse/Sit ’n Sleep!

Click here to purchase the book.



Jenesse Angel, JildyT has partnered with rap icon Snoop Dog on the hit single “Love Love Love”. This project was inspired to educate the world about respect and healthy relationships, as well as support the fight against domestic violence toward women and children.

50% of all proceeds from the Love Love Love single will be donated to Jenesse Center, Inc. to help survivors of domestic violence.

Click here to purchase the single.



Matching Donations
Your workplace may match any one-time or monthly donations that you make to Jenesse Center.
Contact Us for more information about matching donations.


Online Shopping and Internet Searching
Did you know you can automatically donate to Jenesse Center simply by shopping online?


With the Goodshop Jenesse Center Toolbar – once added to Internet Explorer or Firefox, each time you shop at more than 1,300 stores (from Amazon to Zazzle!) a percentage of your purchase will automatically be donated to Jenesse Center – at no cost to you (and you may even save money as the toolbar provides hundreds of great coupons and deals!)


What's more exciting is that the toolbar will recognize when you're on the website of one of the 1,300 participating GoodShop merchants. The toolbar will light up, displaying any available coupons or free shipping offers and highlight the percentage of your purchase that will be donated to Jenesse Center. With the toolbar, your purchases will generate donations even if you forget to start your shopping at GoodShop!


The toolbar also has a search box and each time you search the Internet, about a penny is donated to Jenesse Center.


Download the Goodshop Jenesse Center toolbar here:



Please pass this along to all of your friends. The two minutes it takes to add this toolbar to your browser can make a lifetime of difference!


Participating GoodShop vendors include:


And hundreds more!!!